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A senior officer of CID apologises to Rishard Bathiudeen on behalf of CID

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Parliament Member Rishard Badurdeen who has been detained for about two months under arrest and detention orders in connection with the Easter attack had repeatedly requested that he be allowed to meet a senior CID official. And he was allowed to meet a senior CID official recently.

The two had met by chance in the elevator while being taken to the office of the relevant high-ranking official from the section where Rishard  Bathiudeen was detained in the CID building.

Rishard Bathiudeen had expressed his displeasure to the senior police officer and stated that he was being detained illegally.

Even after they arrived at the senior police officer’s office, Rishard Bathiudeen was able to detain himself in front of everyone present, citing a series of incidents related to his arrest, one of which had not been charged in the Easter Commission report and the IGP’s acquittal.

The police officer, who was embarrassed by the absence of any legal argument against him, said it was clear that he had been treated unfairly but that he was only doing his duty and could not be released.

Rishard Bathiudeen, who was outraged at the incident, has stated that he will take the maximum possible legal action against all police officers who illegally detain him and that they will have to take personal responsibility.

Sources said that the senior police officer, who was under a lot of pressure due to this issue, finally bowed down and apologized to  Rishard Bathiudeen saying that there was nothing he could do.

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