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An exclusive series of investor forums by Marina Square

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Marina Square – Uptown Colombo announced the launch of ‘Sky-High Sundowns’, a series of exclusive investor forums aimed at exploring the dynamic real estate market, offering attendees a keen understanding of the pertinent factors at play in the current real estate investment landscape of the country.

The series was launched against the backdrop of the stunning ocean, Colombo harbour and city skyline views that the development is privy to at an event recently. Through the interactive discussions, show-arounds and expert insights facilitated, attendees were afforded the opportunity to gain invaluable perspective for investors looking to maximise their returns and mitigate risks while staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving real estate sector.

“In an age where informed decisions are paramount, particularly due to the increasingly dynamic nature of the investment environment, we felt this was a pertinent time to launch this series. We steadfastly believe that an informed buyer makes the best decisions, and we hope this series will help investors navigate the intricate world of real estate investment with more confidence,” said Kosala Wickramasinghe, Executive Director of Marina Square. Offering a forward-thinking approach and covering topics ranging from market trends and analysis to emerging opportunities, the event introduced Marina Square’s new InvestPro+ Payment Plan, a variation of the popular InvestPro Payment Plan, uniquely curated for the current investment market.

“From InvestPro to InvestPro+, we have always prided ourselves on keeping the investor at the forefront of our minds and offerings. The unique payment plan, requiring just a 15% down payment and interest-free instalments till end 2025, is our most flexible payment plan to date, solely considering the completion of seven construction milestones, which included the completion of the superstructure.

On offer for a limited time only, we believe this can truly make owning your dream home an investment for savvy investors ready to capitalise on the opportunity.” With a new episode of the series planned for every month, ‘Sky-High Sundowns by Marina Square’ promises to provide a platform for investors to connect, collaborate and unlock exclusive new opportunities amidst the breathtaking sea and cityscapes.

Offering stunning views of the ocean, Colombo Harbour, and Skyline, Marina Square, which is scheduled for completion in December 2025, is located on a five-acre expanse and boasts 1088 condominiums across five towers of 36 floors, including two acres of open to sky gardens and recreational areas.

Its prime location, just 2km from the highly anticipated Colombo International Financial City (Port City) and 400m from the Port Access Elevated Highway, along with an extensive array of common amenities positioning Marina Square as a landmark development in the heart of Colombo.

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