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Bank of Ceylon affirms commitment to save Environment

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Extending its commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, Bank of Ceylon (BOC) commits to save the environment and the bio-diversity in Sri Lanka by joining hands with the Biodiversity Sri Lanka’s (BSL) ‘Life to Our Beaches’ program in collaboration with the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA).

Taking part as one of the founding members of the Biodiversity Sri Lanka, BOC has been actively engaged in programs to preserve the nature and its biodiversity through many sponsored projects and getting stakeholders involved along with itself.

The program on ‘Life to Our Beaches’ is one such project that focuses on cleaning and preserving a selected beach stretch at a time away from plastic and other pollutants.

“Preserving the land and marine conservation has become an important topic around the world, as the negative impact of polluted environment has becoming a sever threat to humankind all around the globe than ever before. In this case corporate citizens across the world have much greater responsibility to act proactively to negate this threat through genuine efforts and continued commitment. I believe our endeavor in joining these organizations will have a positive impact on the environment and social governance and inspiring all our stakeholders take initiatives as good corporate citizens.” stated Russel Fonseka, the General Manager Bank of Ceylon.

Bank of Ceylon joined hands with Biodiversity Sri Lanka and MEPA for the project to preserve the marine ecosystem at Kechchimalai Beach Park with 600-meter strip along the Beruwala beach and inaugurated the project with the presence of the General Manager Bank of Ceylon, Russel Fonseka and the members of corporate and executive management with BOC staff members. Members from the Biodiversity and MEPA, Waste Management Authority, members from the local community and the local government officials also were present.

In order to sustain the program, the BSL has made arrangements to appoint a ‘Beach Care Taker’ recommended by the local government officials who will be contracted to maintain the cleanliness of the beach strip, thus creating an employment opportunity for a local low-income resident.

This worthy task fulfills the bank’s commitment to contribute to preserve life below water which is recognized under Sustainable Development Goal-SDG 14 stipulated by United Nations. Ensuring the BOC’s efforts on sustainability are delivered properly and in line with UN’s SDG framework, it established a dedicated ‘Sustainable Banking Unit’ under the guidance of the Chief Financial Officer of the bank.


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