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Biden meets with China’s President Xi

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The US and China have agreed to restore high-level military communication and take steps to curb fentanyl production following a meeting Wednesday between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping.

Biden touted the resumption of military communication during a rare news conference, saying, “We’re back to direct, open, clear, direct communications.”

Biden characterized the talks with Xi as “some of the most constructive and productive discussions we’ve had.” But he also doubled down on previous comments that he believes the Chinese president is a dictator.

Chinese state media said Xi called on the United States to “not scheme to suppress or contain China.” He also urged the US to stop arming Taiwan and support China’s “peaceful reunification,” state media said.

The meeting appeared to accomplish Biden’s initial goal of steadying the relationship between the two nations. But the US president summed up his approach as, “Trust, but verify.” (CNN)

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