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Cargills FoodCity celebrates 40 years of empowering communities across SL

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Cargills FoodCity, Sri Lanka’s most extensive modern retailer, marked a momentous milestone as it celebrated its 40th year on October 26. With an unwavering commitment to community and progress, Cargills has transformed the retail landscape, fostering sustainable markets, ensuring fair prices and nurturing the hopes of local producers and youth across the nation. It is the only modern retailer in the country to serve all twenty five districts.

Over the past four decades, Cargills FoodCity has been instrumental in creating sustainable markets for farmers and suppliers by expanding its footprint and investing in new retail outlets throughout the country. This expansion has not only increased accessibility for customers but also opened doors of opportunity for local producers and suppliers. By connecting consumers with rural producers, the supermarket chain has facilitated a symbiotic relationship that benefits all stakeholders.

By providing a single price for products across Sri Lanka, Cargills provides the best value and convenience for customers, who regardless of their location, has access to quality products at affordable prices. This has significantly contributed to reducing the cost of living for countless families.

Moreover, Cargills FoodCity’s dedication to empowering the youth in rural areas is reflected in its internal training academy – the Albert A. Page Institute for Food Business – which is dedicated to professionalizing the team through access to learning opportunities. The supermarket chain has consistently created employment and training opportunities for aspiring young individuals, giving them a chance to build meaningful careers and secure their futures. This not only supports the local workforce but also strengthens livelihoods and the overall socioeconomic development of Sri Lanka.

Cargills FoodCity’s values and philosophy are deeply embedded in its commitment to doing good for the community, nurturing local production and providing safe and affordable nutrition to all. Their journey over the last 40 years is a testament to their dedication to these core principles.

As it reaches the 40th-year milestone, Cargills FoodCity extends its gratitude to the Sri Lankan community for their trust and support. The company remains dedicated to its mission of fostering a brighter future for all and looks forward to continued growth, sustainability, and community enrichment.

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