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China accelerating development of two large reusable rocket models

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China’s development of both 4-meter-diameter and 5-meter-diameter reusable rockets is being accelerated, with their inaugural flights scheduled for 2025 and 2026, respectively.

The manufacturing of these two new large reusable launching vehicle models is a response to growing demand in the commercial space market, said the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Reusable rockets are crucial for future space exploration efforts, as they offer cost-effectiveness, high efficiency, technical complexity, and are also environmentally friendly.

“Despite the remaining technical challenges, the development of the two models brings us one step closer to the establishment of the commercial space launch market,” said Wang Wei, head of the state-owned company’s R&D department.

The commercial space industry in China is experiencing a period of rapid growth. According to a recent blue book on the country’s aerospace science and technology environment, China managed to complete 26 commercial space launches in 2023 — achieving a success rate of 96 percent. Additionally, a total of 120 commercial satellites were developed and launched, accounting for 54 percent of all satellites sent into orbit last year.

Furthermore, the construction of the No. 1 launch pad at an international commercial spacecraft launch site in Hainan Province has been completed, while the construction of the No. 2 launch pad is currently being accelerated. Each launch pad will have the capacity to carry out 16 missions per year.

The inclusion of the commercial space industry in this year’s government work report has boosted confidence in the industry’s development, Wang added.

Wang suggested that the commercial space industry should be nurtured, as it is one of the new quality productive forces which can contribute to the comprehensive development of China’s space industry. (Xinhua)

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