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Chinese FM calls for negotiated peace in Ukraine

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Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi once again called for a negotiated diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine in a speech on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference. Wang said that China is working tirelessly to find a political solution to the crisis.

Wang once again avoided condemning Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. China, a Russian ally, has strenuously avoided taking a direct public position on the war.

China’s diplomacy has one goal, according to Wang: to pave the way for peace talks, prevent a vicious cycle of violence and stabilize the situation.

The security interests of both Russia and Ukraine must be recognized in any settlement to the conflict, Wang said.

Russian officials were not invited to take part in the Munich Security Conference, a major annual gathering of world leaders and foreign policy experts.

Wang also called for a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, saying that the fighting must stop and humanitarian aid corridors are urgently needed.

The Chinese Mminister also said that the only way for Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace was through a two-state solution that recognizes an independent Palestinian state.

Wang presented his country as a mediator in a whole series of conflicts, describing China as a force for stability even on difficult issues.


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