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Classic Travels offers novel Green inactive in air travel

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Sri Lanka’s Leading Travel Agency to provide its passengers an option to fight to save the planet through offsetting their travel related carbon emissions

Classic Travel has taken a revolutionary step towards achieving more sustainable travel by introducing a greener travel option to its customers. A first for Sri Lanka’s travel industry, this initiative aims to create environmental awareness, fulfil the company’s corporate social responsibility, and meet the growing demand for sustainable travel experiences. The company will offer its customers the option to directly offset their flight’s carbon emissions through internationally recognised carbon credits, so that they can enjoy guilt free travel.

The company achieved this through system integration and innovation in their booking processes. As customers book their air tickets, Co2 emissions based on the air miles travelled are calculated on the booking platform.

This information is updated on the Passenger Name Record (PNR) system, enabling Classic Travel to provide accurate carbon emission data to customers, who then can make informed decisions about offsetting their carbon footprint. Once customers select carbon credits as an add-on service during the booking process, Classic Travel will send customers a certificate of confirmation of carbon retirement which is a testament to their commitment to sustainability and provides essential information, including the customer’s name and the amount of CO2 emissions mitigated through their ticket purchase.

“By opting for greener travel, customers become more environmentally conscious and educated, actively participating in climate change mitigation efforts. Through this initiative we aim to mitigate carbon emissions, drive environmental conservation, and strengthen community development through multiple initiatives that we plan to launch.” added Zafrana Nafees, Head of Marketing and CSR at Classic Travel. “In the future, we are hoping to provide continuous updates and progress about these projects.”.

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