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Compensation for crop damage in Yala Season before year end – Minister

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Agriculture and Plantation Industries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, said that measures will be taken to provide compensation for crop damage caused by the drought and flood conditions of the 2023 Yala Season within this year itself.

The Minister made these comments while addressing the media after the South Asian Regional Agriculture Representative Conference held in Gannoruwa, Kandy on Friday (27).

A three-day workshop on how climate smart agriculture programmes are implemented in the South Asian region was held in Kandy, and agricultural representatives from all countries of the SAARC region participated.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera participated as the chief guest.

A large number of paddy fields were destroyed due to the drought that affected paddy cultivation in the Yala Season as well as the heavy rains that followed. Especially in Southern Province, Kurunegala and Udawalawa zone, many crops have been destroyed due to these weather effects.

Therefore, there is a situation where many farmers do not even have the assets to start their cultivation activities in the coming Maha Season. Taking this matter into consideration, the Minister also mentioned that steps will be taken to pay the related crop damage as a special need within this year itself.

Accordingly, arrangements have been made to provide Rs. 100,000 per hectare of crop damage as approved by the Cabinet. The minister said that this amount is given considering the current financial situation of the country, but he also knows that this amount is not enough.

Earlier, compensation for crop damage took one year. The reason is to check the accuracy of the information received. Crop damage compensation for the 2022 Maha Season is currently being paid this year. The Agriculture and Agrarian Insurance Board has taken steps to pay about Rs. 400 million for that. Also, the farmers should take steps to start the cultivation activities within the dates decided in the crop season meetings. The Minister also mentioned that no action will be taken to pay any compensation in case of crop damage to the farmers who do not carry out the cultivation work within the specified date.

Even though it is raining well now, farmers in some areas have not started farming yet. But the farmers in the Northern Province have already started paddy cultivation using rain water. Therefore, this year is the last time crop damage compensation will be paid regardless of the meeting date. The Minister also mentioned that it has been decided not to pay money for crop damages that occur without planting on the due date.

Also, the Minister said that there is no shortage of rice in the country and emphasized that there is enough rice stock for the country’s consumption. But there is some shortage of Keri Samba rice due to the decrease in cultivation of Keri Samba in the past seasons. But he also said that other types of rice are available and there is no need to import rice.

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