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Crucial year for Sri Lankans – Opposition Leader

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The year 2024 is a crucial year for all Sri Lankans as there are several elections slated to happen which could decide the future path of the country, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said issuing a message for the New Year. “Therefore, I request everyone to come together to fulfill the national aspirations while peacefully enjoying the fruits of the achievements we have achieved so far and protecting democracy”.

“It is my only wish that people will be able to fulfill their aspirations in this New Year”.

“At this moment when the country is facing many serious economic and political crises, even the normal living conditions of the country’s people have faced many extraordinary challenges”.

“The self-sufficient economic pattern based on agriculture and entrepreneurship has been completely turned upside down due to the current Government’s short-sighted mismanagement”.

“In order to change this situation, the country needs a governance system that thinks about the people and not about the needs of the rulers”.

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