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DFCC Bank’s ‘Online Onboarding Process’ wins Global Banking accolade

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DFCC Bank has recently secured the prestigious award for Best Banking Process at the Global Banking and Finance Review for its implementation of eKYC (electronic-know-your-customer) technology. This award underscores the Bank’s unwavering commitment to digital innovation, security and operational efficiency particularly in eKYC.

This sets the stage for seamless and secure 100% digital customer onboarding, removing the need for physical branch visits and enabling superior digital enablement and service delivery.

This accolade recognises DFCC Bank’s adept utilisation of advanced digital technologies to swiftly, seamlessly, and accurately digitally verify and authenticate customer identities – both during new customer onboarding and existing customer identity verification. This accomplishment reinforces the Bank’s compliance with regulatory standards. Recognising the imperative for convenience, particularly for Sri Lankans living and working overseas, DFCC Bank introduced its groundbreaking eKYC (electronic-know-your-customer) technology. The Bank’s recent achievement of the Best Banking Process award at the Global Banking and Finance Review underscores its commitment to digital innovation and operational efficiency.

This accolade is especially significant as it acknowledges the Bank’s dedication to providing seamless and secure 100% digital customer onboarding, eliminating the necessity for physical branch visits. The service caters to the needs of the global Sri Lankan community, enabling them to open accounts in Sri Lanka effortlessly.

Thimal Perera, CEO at DFCC Bank PLC, said, “This award recognises our relentless pursuit of tech-driven digital service delivery and financial inclusivity. Beyond revolutionising our processes, initiatives like eKYC and others are redefining the essence of customer convenience in the digital age. Thus, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, ensuring our customers enjoy a banking experience that is secure, efficient and tailored to their contemporary needs.”

In response to the evolving technological landscape and the preferences of a digital native generation, DFCC Bank has strategically embraced eKYC for savings account openings. This move was fueled by its desire to empower new customers, enabling them to bank from anywhere at any time. Through the adoption of eKYC, DFCC Bank has eliminated the need for physical branch visits, allowing individuals including teens with a valid NIC/EIC to be effortlessly onboarded using this revolutionary technology.

This technology makes banking incredibly convenient for customers in Sri Lanka and DFCC Bank’s growing base of expatriate customers residing abroad, facilitating opening accounts in LKR and other foreign currencies. The entire process is characterized by its paperless nature, and customers benefit from live agent assistance, ensuring a smooth and secure onboarding experience. The technology underpinning eKYC at DFCC Bank also incorporates various other useful security features.

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