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DIMO Agribusinesses, Mahindra Tractors introduce Yuvo Tech+ 50 HP tractor to Sri Lankan

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DIMO Agribusinesses, in collaboration with its steadfast partner Mahindra Tractors, has recently unveiled the Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ 585 tractor, boasting 50 HP, to serve the needs of the Sri Lankan farming community.

The introduction of the Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ 585 tractor to the Sri Lankan market took place amidst the picturesque fields of Anuradhapura Galenbidunuwewa, featuring the enthusiastic presence of numerous farmers. Those in attendance were given the opportunity to experience a test drive of this cutting-edge tractor model.

As part of Mahindra’s innovative Yuvo tractor series, this particular tractor is equipped with a range of distinctive features that significantly boost its efficiency and adaptability. With a powerful 2979 CC engine generating high torque at 197nm, it excels in pulling heavier loads both in the field, particularly with rice cultivation, and during transportation. The maintenance-free dry-type air filter eliminates the need for regular servicing. When cleaning is necessary, an indicator on the panel notifies the tractor operator, ensuring easy monitoring.

The inclusion of a dual-clutch system enables continuous PTO operation even during gear shifting. With the PTO operation controlled by a manual lever, the machine can operate more efficiently and effortlessly over extended periods.

In response to the introduction of the latest 50 HP Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ 585 tractor, DIMO Director Rajeev Pandithage stated, “DIMO Agribusinesses remains focused in our commitment to advancing local agricultural mechanization, bringing in the next generation agriculture to our nation. Furthermore, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable progress in the evolution of agriculture for the upcoming generation, and to uplift the ambitions and hopes of our local farming community. We anticipate that this cutting-edge Mahindra Yuvo Tech+ 585 tractor will play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of our local agriculture, thereby fuelling the dreams and aspirations of our country’s farming community.”

The utilization of large-sized tires with mud grooves, measuring 9.5×20 in the front and 14.9×28 in the rear, effectively raises the tractor’s clearance from the ground. This feature enables the modern tractor to effortlessly manage open fields.

Provided with a 4-year warranty, this newly launched tractor is poised to instigate a transformative shift in the development of the local agricultural industry.

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