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Enhydro crystal found in Eheliyagoda gem mine

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A priceless gemstone containing a pure water bubble (enhydro crystal), uncontaminated by industrialization, has been found in a gem mine in the Eheliyagoda area.

The National Gem and Jewellery Authority has estimated that this extremely ancient and priceless gem is as large as 110,000 carats. The owner of the gem mentioned that by examining this gemstone, historical facts Sri Lanka can be uncovered.

There is something magical about getting crystals with a water bubble inside. Since ancient times, wealthy people have purchased these enhydro crystals to improve their health. People who are interested in these gemstones

often keep them in a museum or an antique exhibition site where it can be seen by a large number of people around the world, rather than being used by individuals.

Many people believe that rays that are beneficial to the human body are reflected, amplified and focused and energy is transmitted by enhydro crystals. People of bygone ages believed that looking at an enhydro crystal can increase emotional and mental well-being and cure illness.

An enhydro crystal is also said to be a catalyst for keeping love and relationships bright. It is also believed that they purify one’s emotional thoughts to act with wisdom and truthfulness. Accordingly, this is known as an ideal charm to be displayed in a public place to promote prosperity, love and health of society.

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