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Eranga, first Lankan Netball umpire to get ITID status

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Sri Lankan Netball umpire Eranga Sithara received the highest level of International Talent Identified (ITID) Umpire Status by the World Netball Federation (WNF).

According to the WNF based on the performance of Netball umpiring Eranga Sithara was awarded this level status and this is a very rare achievement by an umpire as limited number Netball umpires in the world received ITID and it’s an honour for Sri Lanka. It is for the first time that Sri Lankan umpire has obtained this level.

When an Umpire gets ITID it is going to be a pathway for the International Umpire Award (IUA). Eranga Sithara is an A Grade Netball umpire and he is going to the record books as first Lankan Netball umpire to get ITID from the World Netball Federation. Eranga also had opportunity to officiate several recent International tournaments to get more exposure and today he is the number one Sri Lankan Netball umpire.

The present Netball Association officials headed by Victoria Lakshmi made arrangements to get more international exposure for Sri Lankan umpires and as a result Eranga Sithara got this opportunity.

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