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Galoya Plantations to invest in Bio-Unit to produce effective bio fertilizers

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Galoya Plantations (Pvt) Limited will invest in constructing a Bio-Unit to produce more effective bio fertilizers and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, said Executive Director of the Galoya Plantation Company, Danesh Abeyratne.

The company presently boasts one of the largest organic fertilizer yards in Sri Lanka, capable of producing over 7,000 MT per year. The new project includes expanding the existing compost yard, establishing a Pulverizing Unit, and a Soil lab. The goal is to introduce new fertilizer products to the country and encourage farmers to cultivate with bio-fertilizers. Improvements in bio fertilizer production have already begun, including Golden wash, Liquid fertilizer, Biochar, Black gold, Growth promoter, Soil conditioner, Vermiwash (Eisenia fetida), among others.

Galoya Plantations, which had been closed for 15 years, has emerged as a leading force, playing a pivotal role in reshaping Sri Lanka’s economic landscape. It showcases how a dedicated and well-managed entity can create positive and lasting impacts by reviving a dormant asset.

Galoya Plantations is set to rewrite Sri Lanka’s energy history by producing CNG (CH4) using molasses-based vinash, a by-product of the sugar industry which can be used as an alter-native to LPG.

“We have successfully completed the R&D in this regard,” he said.

In another groundbreaking initiative for the first time, Galoya Plantations (Pvt) Limited is looking at manufacturing Cinnamon sugar, a highly sought-after product globally.

“We have witnessed significant demand for this product, especially from the Japanese market. We aim to make this a 90% export-oriented product, as it caters to a high-end market and can fetch around USD 3 per 50-gram pack.”

When asked if they were considering producing honey and jaggery from sugarcane, he responded in the negative, as they wanted to concentrate on this high foreign exchange-earning cinnamon sugar.

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