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Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy netballers win

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Good Shepherd Convent Kandy emerged victorious in the first-ever Rohini Alwis-Sister Agnes de Alwis Challenge Trophy, securing a 29-21 win against Gateway College Kandy in their inaugural netball encounter at the Municipal Indoor Courts in Kandy on November 14.

The Sheperdians took charge in the third quarter, leading 22-16. The second quarter saw a leveled score of 12-all, while in the first quarter, Good Shepherd Convent led 8-5 against Gateway College Kandy, captained by Savinya Navaratne, the Goal Attack.

During the third quarter, Shepherdians dominated the game, scoring 10 goals while Gateway College managed only 4. The score at the end of the third quarter stood at 22-16, showcasing a stellar performance by Nehara Amindi. the vice-captain and Goal Attack of Good Shepherd Convent, played a stellar game, scoring the first goal of the match and contributing significantly to the team’s success.

Individual awards were also presented, with Dulanjana Aludeniya of Good Shepherd Convent receiving the Best Shooter Award, Gihansa Nakandalage named the Best Defensive Player, and Nehara Amindi adjudged as the Best Centre Court Player. The tournament, inaugurated in honour of Rohini Alles of Gateway College and Sister Mary Agnes de Alwis, the pioneering Principal of Good Shepherd Convent.

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