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I am ready to represent the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Council Committee: Ram Duleep

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Ram Duleep, a young Sri Lankan activist, has been elected to represent Sri Lanka in the 2021 Commonwealth Youth Council Committee. More than 100 nominations from 54 countries have been submitted to the Commonwealth Youth Council Committee since the May 24 and 25 elections. Ram Duleep is the only Sri Lankan candidate who has qualified to represent Sri Lanka.

The Commonwealth Youth Committee has so far selected 40 young activists for nine positions. Commenting on this, Ram Duleep said that he has a good understanding of the importance of gender equality and equality, youth counseling, leadership, youth participation and community participation.

In the year 2018, As a professional stylist, actor and socially empowered young athlete representing Sri Lanka at the Mr. Earth International, Ram is passionate about working not only to build the confidence of Sri Lankan youth and marginalized communities, but also for minority sexual rights.

He has been recognized as one of the strongest members of the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka since he publicly revealed his sexual orientation as a homosexual, and said it was an opportunity to dispel discrimination against the LGBTIQ community in Sri Lanka.

Ram told that he had taken the initiative to take action against perpetrators of harassment of the minority sexual community on social media, and as a result, the sexual orientation of LGBTIQ individuals had raised awareness on social media to protect against discrimination and harassment.

Dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of young people in the Asia-Pacific region, he participated in the “Me for My Self” program, a joint program of the UNFPA Regional Office, and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for Mental Health Awareness.

If elected to the Youth Council, Ram Duleep will represent the youth of 54 Commonwealth countries for the next two years. He is committed to serving as a representative of special interest groups and marginalized groups, including people with disabilities, the refugee community and the LGBTIQ community.

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Source Bridge to Equality
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