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Kandyan Lions and Super Fighters reign supreme

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The Kandyan Lions Chess Club and Super Fighters Chess Club came out on top in the Inter-Club Blitz Chess Championship organized by the Sri Lanka Chess Federation. The tournament, which took place at St John’s College in Nugegoda on October 29, saw both clubs secure victories in the men’s and women’s Open Championships, respectively. In the men’s Open category, where 56 teams vied for the title, the Kandy Lions Chess Club clinched first place with 12 match points. They engaged in an intense battle against the Black and Gold Chess Club, ultimately triumphing after a tie-breaker determined the winners.

Champion Super Fighters Chess Club women’s team

The Black and Gold Chess Club had to settle for the First Runner-up position, while the Royal College Chess Club secured the Second Runner-up spot with 11 match points.

In the Women’s Open Championship, where 11 teams competed, the Super Fighters Chess Club

emerged victorious with 12 match points. They displayed an impressive unbeaten streak, with only one round ending in a draw.

The Passed Pawn Chess Club secured the First Runner-up position, also accumulating 12 match points.

Meanwhile, the Mayor Chess Club claimed the Second Runner-up title with 11 match points, earning well-deserved recognition for their performance.

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