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‘LAUGFS Eco Sri’ recognised as ‘Great Place To Work’

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LAUGFS Eco Sri Limited, a subsidiary of LAUGFS Holdings and a leading player in the vehicle emission testing sector, announced its certification as a Great Place to Work (2023-24), reinforcing its commitment to excellence in both workplace culture and environmental protection.

The certification attests to LAUGFS Eco Sri’s distinctive qualities that set it apart as an employer of choice in the industry. With a mission deeply intertwined with the critical need to reduce air pollution, the company manages an islandwide operation with over 238 customer touchpoints.

This extensive network ensures convenient access to emission testing services, enabling vehicle owners to comply with regulations effortlessly, thereby contributing significantly to the reduction of harmful air pollutants. LAUGFS Eco Sri Chief Executive Officer Saliya Dissanayake stated; “LAUGFS Eco Sri’s journey toward becoming a certified Great Place to Work® is a testament to our unwavering dedication to employee well-being, engagement, and innovation within the context of the vehicle emission testing industry.”

“Through our extensive islandwide operation, encompassing numerous customer touchpoints, we play a vital role in curbing detrimental emissions and enhancing air quality throughout the region. Our devoted workforce is resolutely dedicated to this noble cause, recognising that their contentment and professional development are pivotal to our collective triumph. Together, we forge ahead in crafting a purer, healthier environment for our communities.”

LAUGFS Eco Sri prioritises employee well-being and development, offering benefits such as medical check-ups and lodging allowances. They foster camaraderie through annual events and recognise staff’s dedication with awards. Professional growth is supported through in-house technical training and an Executive Development Program. These initiatives create a positive workplace culture and empower employees in their careers.

As an ISO 9001-certified company, LAUGFS Eco Sri employs state-of-the-art technology to offer vehicle emission testing services. With stringent quality standards, the company facilitates the government-approved Vehicle Emission Testing program through a network of over 238 customer touchpoints island-wide.

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