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Minister Lasantha – “None of the retailers in the country sells sugar for the control price. The Act should be amended”.

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“There is no sugar in the market for sale at the control price currently imposed by the government and no matter how much legal action is taken in this regard, no result has been achieved,” says Lasantha Alagiyawanna, Minister of State for Cooperatives, Marketing Development, and Consumer Protection.

“Our country has an oversupply of sugar in excess of what our country needs, but despite the suspension of imports, importers have become inclined to sell sugar at exorbitantly high prices. The government is already taking the necessary steps. According to the gazette notification which was specially published by the Consumer Affairs Authority, nearly 70% of those stores have been registered. The Consumer Affairs Authority has already taken legal action against the remaining warehouses and unregistered warehouses.

There is no sugar in the market at the current control price. No matter how much legal action is taken in this regard, it is because of the shortcomings in the existing laws that action has been taken to amend the Consumer Affairs Authority Act within a month,”- Lasantha Alagiyawanna.


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