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Mr. Amaraweera apologises from farmers for not being able to distribute fertiliser

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Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera said he is apologizing to the farmers due to the shortage of fertilizer and for not being able to distribute them. The MP made this observation speaking to the media in Ambalantota two days (27) ago.

“In fact, we regret the situation faced by the farmers. I, as a person representing the farmers’ community, apologize to the farmers due to the shortage of fertilizer. Because we were unable to serve it to a certain group in this season.

The President had a prime goal of successfully carry out these activities in the upcoming season by ceasing the import of chemical fertilizer. Accordingly, the Agriculture Department at the time had informed us that there was enough fertilizer for the Yala Season. But unfortunately, we could not distribute them to a certain group. We deeply regret it.

This was addressed in the Cabinet three times. There is still a group to whom we could not provide a solution. We regret it, again,” Mahinda Amaradeewa (MP).


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