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My ‘timed-out’ dismissal is disgraceful says Mathews

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Sri Lanka all-rounder Angelo Mathews on last Monday called Bangladesh’s decision to dismiss him via ‘timed out’ as “disgraceful” and said it had left him in “complete shock”. Mathews became the first batter to be timed out in international cricket as Bangladesh officially knocked Sri Lanka out of the World Cup with a three-wicket win in a dramatic match here on Monday.

“I haven’t done anything wrong. I had two minutes to get ready which I did but there was an equipment malfunction and I don’t know where commonsense (had) gone. It was disgraceful from Shakib and Bangladesh,” Mathews said during the post-match press conference.

“If they want to play cricket like that, stoop to that level, it is something wrong drastically. If I got late, past my two minutes and the law says I have to get ready in two minutes, I still had five more seconds to go.

Mathews had walked in after Sadeera Samarawickrama was out on the second ball of the 25th over off Shakib’s bowling but he failed to get ready to face the ball within two minutes after realising that the strap of his helmet was broken. The delay prompted Bangladesh to appeal and the umpires upheld it despite Mathews’ repeated pleas.

The two teams didn’t shake hands after the match and media asked about this after the match

Mathews said “You want to respect people who respect us. We are all ambassadors of this beautiful game. If you don’t respect and use your commonsense then what more you can ask for,” he said on why Sri Lankan players did not shake hands with their opponents after the match.

“Until today I had utmost respect for him (Shakib) and Bangladesh team, obviously we all play to win and if it is within rules it is fine. But within two minutes I was there…we have video evidence. We will bring out a statement later. I am talking with proof from the time the catch was taken and then I got to the crease,” Mathews said.

“We talk about player safety. So, should I have played without my helmet on? So the umpires had a bigger job, they could have checked upstairs. Even wicketkeepers don’t open their helmet. It is commonsense. It was complete equipment malfunction.

“In my 15 years, I have never seen a team going down to this level. Obviously umpires could have checked upstairs (with the TV umpire). I’m not saying that if I would have been there I would have won the match added Mathews .

Meanwhile Sri Lanka team management already make plan to send letter to ICC regarding this timed out dismissal and that’s unfair decision and not a part of gentlemen’s game. We wanted to play a fair game, said cricket expert.

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