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NSB marks 76th Independence Day celebrations with ‘Abhiman Semarum’ 2-Year Fixed Deposit

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As Sri Lanka marks its 76th Independence Day, the National Savings Bank (NSB) introduces its latest financial offering the ‘Abhiman Semarum’ 2-Year Fixed Deposit.

This innovative instrument not only symbolizes financial security but also reflects NSB’s unwavering commitment to empowering the citizens and fostering economic prosperity.

The ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit offers the highest interest rate in the market, standing at an impressive 11.5%. p.a. This lucrative opportunity underscores NSB’s dedication to providing competitive returns and rewarding investment choices for its valued customers.

“At NSB, we recognize the importance of financial empowerment in driving economic growth and fostering a prosperous future for all Sri Lankans,” said NSB GM/CEO Shashi Kandambi. “The introduction of the ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit underlines our commitment to offering innovative solutions that empower individuals to secure their financial future.”

This initiative aligns seamlessly with NSB’s vision of promoting financial well-being and encouraging the habit of saving among citizens. By providing an avenue for individuals to invest in the ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit, NSB aims to cultivate a culture of financial responsibility and independence, enabling individuals to realize their aspirations and enjoy true economic freedom.

“We believe that true independence is achieved through financial stability and the freedom to pursue one’s dreams without constraints,” said Kandambi. “The ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit represents more than just a financial instrument; it symbolizes our collective commitment to building a prosperous and empowered nation.”

As Sri Lanka commemorates its 76th Independence Day, NSB invites citizens to embark on a journey towards financial prosperity and independence with the ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit. For more information and to open your ‘Abhiman Semarum’ Fixed Deposit account, visit any NSB branch.


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