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President integrated Ministries for efficient administration – Amunugama

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Investment Promotion State Minister Dilum Amunugama said the President is working towards setting up a single Ministry while integrating several Ministries that engage in the same roles while putting a stop to the system of granting as many Ministerial posts as possible and trying to please everyone.

“If anyone is attempting to say that everyone representing Parliament should be ministers and if that does not happen, they will not support the President, Amunugama said that it cannot be approved and as a result of granting ministerial posts during the past to please persons who thought that way, there are two or three ministers who have been appointed to carry out the same tasks”.

State Minister Dilum Amunugama made these comments during a media briefing held in Kandy on Tuesday (24).

He emphasised the fact that one minister has been appointed for the Industries Ministry while another has been appointed on behalf of Investment Promotion. He said further that the President’s attention has been focused on considering these instances and integrating ministries that have the same scope of subjects into one and bringing it under one minister. He also said that as one step towards doing this, the Plantation Industries Ministry has been

brought under the Agriculture Ministry.

Speaking further he mentioned that, due to the problems and crises that arose in the Health Ministry during the recent past, the President had decided to appoint a medical officer as the minister and that he too agrees with that decision and emphasized the fact that although individuals who are ministers had changed, the number of ministers had not increased.

Amunugama said that Minister Keheliya Rambukwella was removed from his post as Health Minister, not as a punishment for the allegations that targeted him and that it was

believed that by appointing a doctor who has extensive knowledge about the relevant field, there will be more opportunities for resolving problems that exist regarding pharmaceuticals.

He said that apart from the system of giving as many ministerial positions as possible and pleasing everyone, the President is implementing a programme of granting ministerial positions to those who are suitable according to the need and everyone’s support should be given to it.

He said that if the number of ministers were increased without giving an opportunity to SLPP MPs he would have raised his voice against it and it is important for us to understand that there has been no such increase in Ministerial positions this time.

The International Monetary Fund says, if the electricity is increased to balance the income and expenses of the Electricity Board, there will be no other ministry left in the country in the future, except the Electricity Board, and in the current situation, rather than bringing in new investors, retaining the the existing investors will become a problem.

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