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Schaffter’s family says relieved with Court verdict after 11 months

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Family members of Dinesh Schaffter said that the family’s long agony after Dinesh Schaffter’s death came as relief when the Court declared his death a homicide 11 months after his death.

They said this while giving a statement to the media yesterday (3) about the verdict given by the Court over the cause of the death of Dinesh Schaffter.

In the statement, the family further said,

“Over the last few months, we have been fighting against falsehoods that it was a suicide and we are deeply saddened that Dinesh’s mortal remains could not be accorded the proper final respects. Now that his death has been definitively confirmed as a murder, we will be able to give him the proper final respects.”

“Our heartfelt thanks to the parties who have worked diligently and proactively to uncover the truth about his death so far, and it is only the beginning of justice. We believe that this verdict has prevented further injustice, but we believe that justice has not been done so far. We also believe that the legal system of this country will be able to provide full justice to Dinesh in the future. Dinesh is a person who took the responsibility of everyone on his shoulders and acted honestly and always tried to help everyone in the society irrespective of their status. And he was a person who was brave enough to stand up against injustice where he saw it. It is his infinite humanity, kindness and sensitivity that we should reflect on his life, not the brutality of his death. As we continue to grieve and mourn the loss of a beloved father, husband, son, brother and best friend, we appeal to the public to respect the privacy of the family and give Dinesh proper final rites.”

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