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Senudi and Dharshana win Intermediate TT titles

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Senudi Patabendi of Girls’ High School, Kandy and Dharshana Babaranuge of Vidyartha College Kandy emerged women’s and men’s Intermediate singles champion at the All Island Intermediate Novices Age Group Table Tennis Championship organized by Umpires Committee of Table Tennis Association of Sri Lanka (TTASL) at Municipal Council Indoor Stadium in Kandy over the weekend.

Senudi defeated Renumi Patabendi of Girls’ High School with two straight sets (11/4,11/7) at the Intermediate women’s final while at the Intermediate Men’s singles final Darshana Babaranuge of Vidyartha beat Senhiru Deegalla of Trinity College with straight two sets (11/08, 11/06).

At the Novices Womens’s singles final Thinithi Hapuarachchi of Mahamaya Girls’ College beat Ameesha Kavindi of Viharamahadevi Girls College Kandy (9/11,11/8,11/9) while Novices Men’s singles final Yasanga Rakshitha of Vidyartha College beat Dilith Dinsara Ranaweera of Kegalu Vidyalaya (11/08, 11/06).

The tournament sponsored by Aerotech Engineering Survey pvt LTD and this event gave good opportunity for the beginners and promising paddlers who are not ranking players.

Before this tournament there was a TT umpires’ workshop conducted successfully by the TTASL umpires committee.

Age group final results

Under 7 Girl’s Singles: Chalodya Lavangi of G/Pe D.S.Kularathna MV beat Hiruki Lisansa of Southlanda College (11/5,11/3)

Under 7 Boy’s Singles: Gamlath Bandara of Ananda College beat W.Shevon of St Joseph’s College (11/6,13/11)

Under 9 Girl’s Singles: Minudi Poojagoda of Mahamaya beat Runithi Suriyabandara Of Mahamaya (11/07, 06/11,11/7)

Under 9 Boy’s Singles: Jinuka Herath Of ,Ecole International School beat Thisara Dewthilina of Haguranketha CC College (11/4,9/11,11/5)

Under 11 Girl’s Single: Saheli Siriwardana ,of Girl’s High School beat Senuli Rajaguru of Girls High School (11/7,11/8)

Under 11 Boy’s Singles: Hesath Minthula of Royal College Beat Dhanaja Nisal of ,Royal College ,Polonnaruwa (11/13,11/09,11/9)

Under 13 Girl’s Singles: Gayashri Dissanayake of Girls High School Kandy beat Uvini Rathnayake of HillWood (11/6,11/8)

Under 13 Boy’s Singles: Venura Abeweera of Vidyartha beat Sathsara Nimasha of Kegalu Vidyalaya (11/3,11/8)

Under 15 Girl’s Singles: Gayashri Dissanayaka of Girl’s High School Beat Lakithma Somachandra Girl’s High School (5/11,11/7,20/18)

Under 15 Boy’s Singles: Vinu Dinsara of Poramadulla Central College beat Danuka Polongoda of Vidyartha ( 11/8,6/11,12/10)

Under 17 Girl’s Singles: Imasha Ikkiriwattae of Mahamaya beat Sayuni Kumarawansa of Maliyadeva Balika (6/11,11/8,11/5)

Under 17 Boy’s Singles: Vinu Dinsara of Poramadulla Central College beat Dewram Hapuarachchi of Dharmaraja College Kandy (13/11,9/11,11/4)

Under 19 Girl’s Singles: Keshya Rajapaksha of Girls High School Beat Ameesha Kavindi of Viharamahadevi Girls College (12/10,11/7)

Under 19 Boy’s Singles: Nenuka Liyanage of Seewali Central College beat Avishka Umayanga of Karandeniya Central College (11/09,11/6)

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