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SriLankan Promising young cricketer, Chrishen Warnasuriya to play in Surrey from this year

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We learn that 13-year-old Thomian & SSC bowling all-rounder, Chrishen Warnasuriya, was awarded a scholarship by a specialist cricket school based in the Surrey Hills, in the southeast of England, to study & play cricket there. C.Warnasuriya is a talented all-rounder who has opened the batting but can equally well adjust anywhere in the top or middle-order but more noted for his ability to spin the ball both ways with his natural “Chinaman”, left-arm wrist spin, which he also mixes with left-arm orthodox and finger spin with ease with several variations from a relatively young age. In addition to his College in Mount Lavinia, he was also playing for SSC and Champ cricket academy in Moratuwa and was almost certain to have played first-class cricket in Sri Lanka in the future. 

Chrishen’s father Chrishmal Warnasuriya expressed their mixed emotions over this exciting offer from Surrey, coupled with the obvious absence of their only son from their family, who is sure to be missed much whilst he’s away.

Chrishen was born in London, so he’s really returning to “his home”, he tried to smile hiding the obvious emotion of his treasured son’s imminent departure. Whilst Dinusha and I would’ve loved to see him play here and turn out one day for my old school, S. Thomas’ it would be unfair to deny him this golden opportunity which may open up many possibilities for his future, mainly when looking at the deterioration of standards here and the general loss of hope by the youth in their future, which is patent. Everything depends on your political influence which a newly rich class with no morals or ethics seems to be exploited in all aspects of society. Even if you look at cricket its the administration is in shambles with public debate on corruption & nepotism in selections and even schools cricket is now in the easy habit of lateral “importations” of good players from lesser privileged schools for their first eleven teams just prior to the big matches, denying deserving lads who have played for the schools their entire lives their due place. As such, we thought we will permit Chrishen to explore this amazing opportunity very kindly offered by this specialist cricket school, at least for him to try out for a while what his country of birth may offer him and then for him to decide the future when he’s a little bit older.

Chrishen is a promising all-around student besides his cricket, as he had passed with flying colors all the online tests given to him by the UK school. 

Mr. Warnasuriya thanked the College, Warden & teachers, all his clubs, coaches & Senior players who have helped & guided Chrishen thus far. The father and mother remained in hope that their son will return to make them proud here in Sri Lanka at least sometime later; we share their good hopes and wish young Chrishen all the very best.

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