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Supreme Court to rule if Trump can run for president

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The US Supreme Court has said it will hear a historic case to determine if Donald Trump can run for president.

The justices agreed to take up Mr Trump’s appeal against a decision by Colorado to remove him from the 2024 ballot in that state.

The case will be heard in February and the ruling will apply nationwide.

Lawsuits in a number of states are seeking to disqualify Mr Trump, arguing that he engaged in insurrection during the US Capitol riot three years ago.

The legal challenges hinge on whether a Civil War-era constitutional amendment renders Mr Trump ineligible to stand as a candidate.

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear Mr Trump’s appeal came after attorneys general from 27 states filed a brief asking the court to reject Colorado’s ruling.

In it, they argue that removing Mr Trump from the ballot would “create widespread chaos”.

“Most obviously, it casts confusion into an election cycle that is just weeks away,” reads the submission.

“Beyond that, it upsets the respective roles of the Congress, the States, and the courts.” (BBC)

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