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Unprecedented Success Marks Sri Lanka’s First Fully AI-Integrated Campaign by APIIT

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In a remarkable fusion of education and cutting-edge technology, APIIT Sri Lanka has pioneered the innovative “Inspiring Future Leaders” campaign, heralding the nation’s first-ever fully AI-generated initiative. This monumental campaign seamlessly permeated TV, radio, cinemas, newspapers, billboards, and digital platforms, achieving a significant milestone by doubling digital enrollments and showcasing a stellar example of technological integration in Sri Lanka’s educational sector.

Central to this groundbreaking campaign were three zealous ambassadors, each representing a distinct school within APIIT. Ryan from the Business School, Shayani from the Law School, and Shane from the School of Computing, became the epitome of visionary leadership, justice, and innovation respectively, inspiring students to envision a future filled with possibilities and positive community impact.

The campaign’s essence was beautifully captured and conveyed through an array of generative AI tools. Six AI technologies, including Chat GPT for drafting scripts, taglines, and captions, Text to image tools for creating lifelike AI avatars, and text to video tools for voice overs and videos, were employed to craft the campaign’s engaging content. The amalgamation of these AI tools generated captivating models, videos, voices, and scripts, transforming a conceptual idea into a resonant message of empowerment and aspiration.

The synergy of AI-powered tools transitioned the campaign into a transformative narrative, not just illuminating ‘what you can be,’ but also guiding ‘what you should do.’ By featuring relevant courses and pathways, APIIT enabled students to envision their future professional roles, thus nurturing a community of proactive learners and future leaders.

This comprehensive campaign, with its extensive outreach across both traditional and digital media, witnessed a remarkable 100% increase in digital enrollments. The resounding success reflects a robust acceptance of technological evolution among students, parents, and the broader community in Sri Lanka, firmly establishing APIIT as a forerunner in AI-driven education.

APIIT’s “Inspiring Future Leaders” campaign has not only set a precedent in harnessing AI for educational empowerment but has also significantly contributed to the nation’s stride towards a technologically-advanced educational landscape. As Sri Lanka propels towards a tech-driven future, this campaign stands as a beacon of innovation, fueling dreams, and igniting a wave of positive change across communities.

PS : The creative and strategic direction was given by the marketing team, and the execution of the creatives was done using Generative AI tools.

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