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Valentine BBQ extravaganza at ‘The Grill’ by Doctor’s Kitchen

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Amidst the flickering flames of passion, we invite you to indulge in a Valentine’s Day celebration, at ‘The Grill’ by Doctor’s Kitchen. Ignite the sparks of love as you savor our delectable and sizzling barbecue delights, prepared with particular care, in a serene and cozy setting.

At ‘The Grill’ by Doctor’s Kitchen, we’re elevating the ambiance for love, presenting a culinary experience designed to ignite the flames of romance and captivate your taste buds.

‘The Grill’ by Doctor’s kitchen the menu is carefully crafted with a focus on the local food movement, enticing customers to return.

‘The Grill’ provides vegetarian options, including their well-loved Veggie Fusion featuring incredibly creamy Mashed Potatoes and flavorful Veggie Sausages.

Located at Flower Road, Colombo 07, the restaurant is the brainchild of four doctors: Dr. Harry, Dr. Sanjee, Dr. Uma, Dr. Lasman and a similarly dedicated individual named Kevin. The gastronomic delights are the result of magic, with the mastermind behind it all being none other than Dr. Harry himself.

Together, the team shares a vision of establishing the finest BBQ spot in town while also venturing into the international market.

The Grill by Doctor’s Kitchen provides an upscale dining experience in a relaxed and inviting setting, perfect for enjoying meals with loved ones, including your furry companions. Additionally, the restaurant extends a special lifetime discount of 10 per cent to all doctors and medical students, both for dine-in and takeaway orders, as a token of appreciation for their remarkable dedication to society.

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