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Zone24x7 and STEMUP Educational Foundation to empower Lankan students with knowledge of Al

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Zone24x7, a leading provider of end-to-end technology consulting and engineering solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with STEMUP Educational Foundation to help drive knowledge about cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (Al), cybersecurity, and many others among Sri Lankan students through the ground-breaking program ‘Al for Kids’.

Al is rapidly advancing and becoming increasingly integrated into various industries across the globe. Introducing children early to Al education ensures they are prepared for the technology-driven future and have the skills required for upcoming careers. ‘Al for Kids’ is a long-term program by Zone24x7 and STEMUP to educate children about the fascinating world of Al and is designed to equip teachers/educators, schoolchildren, and STEMUP volunteers with the necessary knowledge and understanding of the field of Al. The program will eventually help children grow up with these new technologies and provide them with the best platform to succeed in domains related to them as they embark on their careers in the future.

Al education offers children numerous benefits and opportunities for their learning and development. It encourages them to think critically, analyze information, and solve problems. It promotes computational thinking, which involves approaching problems in a structured and algorithmic way. They are able to gain a deeper understanding of how Al systems work, including their capabilities and limitations.

It also enables them to explore their creativity and innovate by using Al tools and techniques. Teaching children about Al ethics and responsible Al use fosters a sense of responsibility and awareness regarding the potential social impact of Al technologies into the future. They are exposed early to a wide range of Al applications, from robotics and automation to natural language processing and computer vision.

It often involves collaborative projects, encouraging children to work together, share ideas, and communicate effectively. AI for Kids’ has been created for schoolchildren aged 11-13 and 14-18, as well as for university students. It bffers a localized curriculum for Sri Lankan students based on experience with Al (Google DeepMind,Raspberry Pl Foundation) and Microsoft for Education Resources. Pioneered in 2004 and headquartered in San Jose California, Zone24x7 Private Limited was established in Colombo as an advanced Technology centre that offers highly skilled engineering specialists and technology services.

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